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It seems like everyone is in a hurry to lose weight these days.Suppliers In 2008, approximately 19% and 15%, respectively, of inventory purchases were from two suppliers.NutriSystem, Inc. is engaged in marketing and providing weight management system based on a portion-controlled, prepared meal program.

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This publicity was a factor that contributed to the bankruptcy of our predecessor.FIN 48 prescribes a comprehensive model for how a company should recognize, measure.In August 2006, the Company announced that its Board of Directors authorized the repurchase of.Our program is based on the following cornerstones that represent who we are to our customers: Results.Based on these factors, we believe that we can compete effectively in the weight management industry.

The parties have reached an agreement to stay this matter pending the disposition of the anticipated motion to dismiss the federal securities putative class action.Like the federal derivative action, the state court action is nominally brought on behalf of the Company and names a majority of the current Board of Directors as defendants.If these spokespersons suffer adverse publicity, our revenue could be adversely affected.Our industry is subject to governmental regulation that could increase in severity and hurt results of operations.

Expansion into international markets may expose us to economic, political and social risks in the.We initiated new standards for order fulfillment and new operating procedures that delivered.

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Also, new foods are presented to us by food manufacturers to determine.We continually assess the quantities of inventory on hand to identify excess or obsolete inventory and record a.Redling has served as our President since September 2007, as our Chief Executive.

Commission File Number 0-28551 NutriSystem, Inc. (Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter).Most of our foods are created from market research and customer requests, as well as recommendations from our manufacturers.News and We typically compensate our spokespersons based on their initial weight loss on our program and maintenance of the weight loss over time.All other advertising costs are charged to expense as incurred or the first time the advertising takes place.Financial results could be adversely affected by changes in foreign currency rates, changes in worldwide economic conditions.The federal complaints allege violations of Sections 10(b) and 20(a).In January 2006, we initiated advertising programs directed toward men.IDENTIFIABLE INTANGIBLE ASSETS The Company recorded the following.This expansion may be costly as we will be required to divert management time and resources and it could require us to adapt our program to conform to local cultures.

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Nutrisystem, Inc. (Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter) Delaware 23-3012204 (State or other jurisdiction of (I.R.S. Employer.Updated SEC filings for Nutrisystem Inc. - including NTRI annual 10-K, quarterly 10-Q and special 8-K filings by date.

In addition, we have no off-balance sheet financing arrangements.If we do not continue to receive referrals from existing customers, our customer acquisition cost may increase.The Company believes that the claims are without merit and intends to defend the litigation vigorously.Amendment to the Employment Agreement dated December 30, 2008, between NutriSystem, Inc. and Bruce Blair regarding 409A matters.Second Amendment, dated September 23, 2003 to the Lease, dated December 11, 1997, between Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association and inc. as amended by First Amendment to.All other advertising costs are charged to expense as incurred.These tests, while impacting the 2008 marketing expense, will provide valuable insight.Customer service representatives are typically available from 8 a.m. to 12 midnight, Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.Stay up-to-date on the latest Nutrisystem news and learn more about.

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The capitalized costs are amortized to expense over the period during which the future benefits are.My 6:34 magic mile time predicts my 10k (46:34) and 13.1 (1:42:54) PRs exactly.Company does not believe that that there will be any material changes to unrecognized tax positions over the next 12 months.When invested, the Company carries its marketable securities at fair value.Welcome to the 7th annual Burning for Learning with all proceeds benefiting Fort.

Marketing expense as a percent of revenue increased to 23.0% in 2007 from 20.9% in.For state tax purposes, there is a limitation on the amount of net operating loss carryforwards that can be utilized in a given year to offset state taxable income.The significant decline in business resulting from the fen-phen problems caused our predecessor businesses to close all of their company-owned weight loss centers.QVC viewers purchase NutriSystem products directly from QVC and are not directed to the NutriSystem website.We believe our program enables our customers to lose weight successfully.

Nutrisystem, Inc.,. Nutrisystem Announces First Quarter 2017 Financial Results, Exceeding Expectations. including the annual report on Form 10-K,.NutriSystem Advanced is a complete program that includes ingredients such as soluble fibers and omega-3 fatty acids to support satiety and heart health.For example, economic forces, including general economic conditions, demographic trends, consumer confidence in the economy, changes in.The Glycemic Index is a measure of the quality of carbohydrates in foods.The issuance of preferred stock could have the effect of making it more difficult for a third party to acquire, or of discouraging a third party from acquiring, a majority of our outstanding.

Based on our customer surveys, we believe our typical customers tend to stay on our program for 10 to 11 weeks (including the one.Integrated Framework issued by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO).This is an insightful and motivational behavior modification guide which walks clients through the program and can act as an interactive tool for our counselors to use in order to better facilitate.Other expense represents the realized gains and losses from currency.Changes in consumer tastes and preferences away from our pre-packaged food and support and counseling services, and any failure to.

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