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Maybe that will help find the picture a lot better and after this.Post-bariatric surgery diet is crucial to see results once you have received weight loss surgery. Gastric Bypass Patients: Timeframe.

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My brother gave me a boatload of Nutrisystem packaged foods and snacks. My Gastric Bypass Surgery.

I know it will be hard but if anyone has been able to re-lose after a significant gain I would love to hear what you did.There is an excellent support group there called LIPO and you can find info about them at Going to support meetings is so important because you have to be accountable.Long ago I stopped caring about myself and devoted my life to assisting and helping everyone else simply to avoid my failures.I know this is the beginning, but after reading about Gina and watching that interview, I KNOW it is possible to lose the weight I regained plus more to get to my goal.

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Healing mind, body and spirit by: JoJo I am about to begin the process of getting approved again.Find best value and selection for your Z-Pro 25 Shakes for Gastric Bypass by Natural Health Labs - Chocolate or Vanilla search on eBay.Get out a picture of yourself when you were young, and when your brain goes negative speak to the child in the picture with encouragement and love because you deserve to treat yourself with the same love, respect and kindness that you give others.

I try so hard to encourage post-ops to please stay in support groups and please speak up as soon as you see a problem but we feel shame and isolate.

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Today, I am 160 pounds and I had to put down a slice of cheesecake to type this post.Very similar to you, however I gained 60 lbs back and all the old habits have come back and I have the same worthless feeling about my out of control self the same as I did before the surgery.

Marked improvement in glycemic control occurs in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus shortly after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery (RYGB) and before there is.GI Dr could not have cared less and said it is IBS and take these pills.I want to say tho i just went bank on the poat diet I did liquids for two days so foods for two days and then I went on the straight-protein diet im happy to say that at almost 12 years post sugery im doing great.They still swell in your pouch and pass much slower than most foods which cause your pouch to stretch and you to feel sluggish.That would mean a lot to me because I just feel so alone with this.

He suggested that I get on the Optifast program now, since that is what they recommend after.My journey of loss, then rebound weight and gaining control to lose it again.My surgery was 5 yrs ago and I was 267 to start and got down to 140.The program know as Nutrisystem is based on the premise of portion control and low glycemic response foods.Comments for 8 years post-weight loss surgery and out of. to lose weight regained after RuNY Gastric Bypass,. and started on Nutrisystem and back to.

I get violently sick from nausea once I begin eating anything substantial like a piece of an egg or even Soup.World's leading marketplace.

So it was not even that I started back to old habits, but that I created new horrible habits.Malabsorptive Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Bypass and Biliopancreatic Bypass.I am totally ashamed to even go out in public because people actually treat me different and look at me different.I looked at my old journals and my bariatric hospital manual.Tomorrow I am going to try to reset my pouch, and do the 5 day reset.I am starting the gym today slowly to work my way back to fitness and I am going to start drinking protein shakes again twice a day and having a controlled diet with lots of protein in it.

The sleeve seems to have less issues down the line but my surgeon is recommending a bypass due to my diabetes and metabolic syndrome.In humans, some studies show a rebound of anti-inflammatory bacteria after gastric-bypass surgery.Your priority is lean protein, nice dark greens, less starchy vegetables (Google for index), and high fiber intake to balance the protein.It is not intended as nor should be relied upon as medical advice.I quit the use of drugs 2 years later cause I was looking really sucked up and sickly.A few years later I was introduced to another practice and discovered that my throat is too large, my pouch is too small, and my small intestine is too large food stops in my small intestine at a bend.How you can be so large yet see through, unbelievable, but at 160lbs, all eyes were on me when I went out and the attention I was getting felt awesome for the first time in my life.Other Topics: Review Experiences from Others or Share Your Stories for Other Topics Find a Top Weight Loss surgeon.

Or have the same issue I have with your throat, pouch, and intestine.Now that I have put back on almost half what I lost people say nothing.I did gain some weight back recently due to having some health issues that are causing me to be nearly bed bound.Well, I ended up getting pregnant, which I thought I could not have any more babies.

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As part of the recovery process, the surgeon asked me to not go back on the really high protein (ketone producing) diet for at least 4 weeks to allow my body time to heal.Thank you so much for telling your stories, I have been so depressed thinking how could I let myself get to this point again.My OBGYN was doing exploratory surgery for some pains I was having in my lower stomach (ended up needing a hysterectomy 37, no children) and said she would take a look at the pain in my upper stomach while in there.

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